Dec 16, 2016

Perhaps the best example can be found in Snapchat's filters, which transformed your face into animal heads, added a variety of effects (complete with music), and basically made taking selfies much more fun. In hindsight, it might not have been very interesting to the non-Snapchat crowd, but it was certainly new and never before seen, at least as far as mainstream social media platforms go. We also saw Facebook with their take on gamification, unveiling a series of new emoji reactions in addition to their like buttons. Even Apple got in on the fun with a new emoji system that allowed you to supersize, predict, and replace emojis. 5. Influence and Confirmation Bias In 2016, we also realized just how frighteningly powerful social media is as a platform. You only need to look at how social media played a role in shaping public opinion over the U.S. presidential election. It's no secret that social media gives users more control over who and what they listen to, which in turn has led people to boxing themselves inside echo chambers where the only information they're exposed is what they agree with. The problem is that social media platforms are also rife with fake news, an issue that Facebook vehemently denies had anything to do with the stunning victory of Donald Trump. In any case, we might expect to see the major social media platforms to take a more proactive approach against fake news.

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Finding Answers For Rapid Strategies In Seo

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