When Jobs Returned, His Prognosis Was Listed As Excellent. Reuters/kimberly White In 2010, Jobs Finally Introduced The Apple Ipad, The Tablet He Had Been Wanting Since The Early 2000s.

Jan 02, 2017

Robert Galbraith/Reuters In 2009, Tim Cook was tapped as interim CEO while Jobs took the first of three extended medical leaves. Even on Jobs' return, Cook became a regular at Apple keynotes. When Jobs returned, his prognosis was listed as "excellent." REUTERS/Kimberly White In 2010, Jobs finally introduced the Apple iPad, the tablet he had been wanting since the early 2000s. Getty Images News The iPhone and the iPad accidentally started an internet standards war. Jobs thought Adobe's Flash, then the de facto standard for interactive web content, was slow and insecure. And so Apple's mobile devices didn't support it. A jilted Adobe, recognizing the threat this posed to its business, took out magazine ads begging Apple to reconsider, to no avail. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images In early 2011, during the last of his medical leaves, Jobs would give his final two product-announcement presentations: one in March for the iPad 2, and one in June for the iCloud service. Beck Diefenbach/Reuters Jobs made his last public appearance in June 2011.

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